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thoughts from the road


outside the punk show posted up casually that's where you'll find me sitting on a dumpster dreaming of a past tense scene painted vividly with you and me looking through my friend's phone I found your number so I called just to let you know you were my favorite lover and I'd do it again but I understand I can't cause now another man's ring is nested on your finger and i've never been one to let things linger but ever since you left i've been quite a heavy drinker and i know that doesn't help my case at winning you back but I just had to let you know from an honest stance this is where I'm at home sick burnt out spinning side walk slams chain smoking cigarettes and missing the band but that's ok it's just leftover crack and i'm not really into them anyways I hope you call back out on the open road when you think back to past lovers they’ll haunt you like ghosts cause all you think and all you know are like two separate salutations one is for your friends and one for your foes now all the sweaty punks are pouring out of the hi-tone bar I heard my friend say so that's where you've been then he said I think it's time we leave Tennessee so I let him drive drunk and I tried to sleep in back seat while listening to conversations from up front they went on and on about the P.C. punks and how they're pissy and preachy and how they're ruining the scene and I kind of agreed cause those self righteous kids were a bunch of weenies I liked them less than pseudo hippies in beanies or wankster skaters sagging skin tight jeans I'd rather kick it with book a worm sitting and reading or marlon brando on my grandpa's tv or a bottle of brandy and some drunk priest we'd talk about how we doubt god but we still believe and how life is ironic when you're just a mortal human being out on the open road when you form a poor opinion it will only close doors if all you think and all you know could be unwrapped like christmas presents you'd get one bb gun and one lump of coal cause what you think and what you know are as different as two neighbors one lives in your brain and one in your soul so give it up, go on let it go why do we carry it all around when we could lighten the load


from Pocket Jamz!, released January 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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