The Nets

from by Roaming Bear

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I’m a fish out of water, I was taken from the sea, and I’m waiting my turn for the blades to end me
I was fighting the nets, I was fighting to be free, I fought and I lost without regrets
you see this is the way it had to be.
cause when you fight for what’s right, the only way to be freed is by winning or through death,
Because as long as there’s nets, then I owe my life, to finding a way, for every fish in the sea to escape.

so tell me do you wish to live or merely to survive?
will you go out and and discover for yourself or buy into all of their lies?
time is of the essence don’t waste away your life, because surely soon enough you will die.
some day we all have to die.
When I was a young fry, my mother would say, not to worry about the nets, just to stay away. they’ve been coming forever, and that’s just the way, we have no other options my baby, please tell me that you’ll obey me. Well I agreed, but it was temporary, because one day the nets started coming to the deeps, and my mother could not swim free, that day everything changed, I swore the nets would pay.

so what would you die for if you had the chance? Or would you die for anything I should ask?
or is there nothing more worthy than your life? If that’s the case, you should maybe think twice.
They say death is ok, just as long as you have faith, and I have faith that my comrades will avenge my name, that me and the nets will share the same fate, that every last net will be sent to the grave.
and all the fish will celebrate. Even if it’s not true, it’s something to believe, it’s something to die for, it’s something indeed, it’s something free of hatred and free of greed, it’s something more magic than reality. a dream worth fighting for indeed.


from Summer Demo 2011, released August 13, 2011


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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