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this here world is a lot smaller than you think we're all picking up and putting out frequencies maybe you'd feel it if you turned off the tv you know that individuals in crowds behave emergently? especially when they are reacting to each other during an emergency and crossing two crowds is called "scrambling" you think your cell phone just sits there dormantly? waiting for you to make a move just saving energy? it's disseminating RF waves endlessly! you know how many compounds are in the water you drink every day? only deionizers R.O.'s and activated alumina filters will help defluoridate and not just clean for taste crude oil's cash per barrel ratio is at the decade low america has amplified and subcontracted the production of drones I'd hate to be a civilian that lived near a mutinous outpost in 2012 we had had over a two and a half billion dollar presidential race I didn't vote because all the candidates justified putting that money towards printing fliers of their face I wonder how many documents are kept under wraps by the FDA you can generally buy a person's loyalty with a check the size of a salary and in food and dugs what is there to associate? the spiritual road is not on the internet it's not within it or around it or beside itself it's death nothing you can read online will make it happen any less religion is to science as life is to death freedom is to politics as enemies to friends it's a vicious sick cycle we've found ourselves in at the crossroads of oppression and revolution it's like the earth is just a cabaret and mankind is the juggling act but next up is the fire show and it could end horribly bad the people have the numbers but the power's got the guns and a billion men with sticks and stones are no match for uranium how come we fail to see our own god damned dependency on the flora and the fauna and everything awe damnit I just want to die naturally I went to a church to see what the catholics had to say about the earth's seemingly inevitable impending fate but they just asked we put our cash all in a silver plate and they prayed you ever measure the ph when it precipitates? the lowest record of acid rain is 1.87 will the forest bounce back or is it too late? they say that if we kill the bees we'll probably bring on our own death but that's not stopping us from doing shit every major city's going to be a death pit if the the produce trucks stop bringing it in 3.6 degrees is the tipping point scientists foresee if it gets any hotter ice melts to water and we'll all be baked like enchiladas (chorus) gonna get me a gun or maybe a hundred cause if shit hits the fan they'll pillage and plunder and if renegades come for my pack we'll pull two glocks out of our straps! all human beings have three basic needs air to breathe food to eat and clean water so when the H20 stops coming out the sink i hope you know where to find fresh water springs (chorus) have you ever had a flash back to a conversation you had in a fox hole? back in vietnam but then you were like “woah I never went to war that was strange…” do you ever find yourself in a state where you're just laughing alone? happy as a child? well good that's where I want you to go when you realize that you're on your way out when do we radically retaliate? and curb stomp the fuck outta big banks when we gonna band together and demand that things change? in a couple of years when its too late? brothers and sisters this is the end game this is not a rehearsal so everybody take your place we're in this together and together we're gonna take what's ours back from the snakes (chorus



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Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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