Lazy Sundays

from by Roaming Bear

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The side effects of a 9-5 work week. Inspired by the Calvin and Hobbes comic book.


if you can't read about it in the funny strips there probably ain’t much need for it to exist cause when you stay at home you don't put make up on you leave the phone off the hook prolonged and relax like nothing's chasing your back you dump a couple extra bubbles in your bubble bath just like a fat cat on a sunny shelf you're gonna sit there nurturing your mental health because though you know you're wild it's so EASY to please the hand that brings you all your tasty tasty treats without our lazy sundays i doubt that through the rest of the week we'd be able to maintain our human decency oh no sir-ree it couldn't be cause working all of the time'll make a soul turn real mean like a fiend itching for another bag oh the things that they do to get their heads turned right again cause we're just back alley cats that sit around hoping tonight they'll drop us a couple scraps cause all the rats are dangerous they eat the poison from the traps and they bring it to us I don't want to leave the house except maybe to go to church and then the bakery when i was young my parents would take me but now i do it if i got a spare hour to waste but most times i'm too tired lord please efface my sins you wouldn't believe the shit they think they pay me properly to complete throughout the rest of the week so when sunday comes I need a release I pray to god, my boss will see his final day and then maybe the next cat that they drag in will be a decent human being cause we're employees not things we're skin and bones not plastic sheets with charts and graphs you printed oh so neatly to show yourself how to grow your bank account our souls amount to a greater purpose than your worthless corrupt pile of equity so let me break it down for you I think we all sort of need a healthy heaping dose of super simplicity cause all this complex shit has got a hold on me it's throwing me down in the dumps then trying to step on me cause i'm a bug in the bath they’ll send me down the drain after they squish me flat just like a tom cat feral and free oh no you know the cat man just won't let him be they're gonna catch him up and snip off his manly then they'll sell him to a family vaccine'd and flea free


from The Berserk Demo, released February 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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