Hoop Dreamz

from by Roaming Bear

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This is a song about my childhood. Playing basketball and dreaming of being the next M.J., riding bikes, stashing my porn with my fireworks in my "bad fun" box, stealing spray paint, getting into fights, and dreaming of running away to avoid ever having to go back to school.


I got my boom box and a mixtape i'm gonna ride my bike to where the boys play i got hoop dreams and some daisy dukes in my high tops i'll school you I got long hair for the fast breaks and downtown is my favorite place all the grown ups say that it's not all fun and games cause when life don't give you lemons you gotta pay for gatorade it goes in one ear and out the other I'd rather not hear it if I had my druthers though it's all the same i don't get displaced I just slip into a boring daze whoop there it is! won the game with a swish it felt as good as or maybe even better than landing a kickflip time is on my side the sun won't set till half past nine and when it does i'm gonna head to the coal yard and tag a train on its side I got some new art stole some cans from the store and this new piece is gonna be the one as long as I don't get caught (chorus) watch out jordan I hear this new boy can fly he bunny hop slam dunk'd oh his bmx bike he's got a stash of fire cracker bottle rockets in a box with all his pocket kives and pictures of his future wives with their clothes off and don’t you get him mad cause i heard from susie he's the toughest boy in the whole class he might just whoop your ass I got my boom box and a mixtape it's got bad words it's fast paced I got smokes from my friend's dad and it feels so good to act bad I got summer break to take it all in unless I run away to keep it rolling


from The Berserk Demo, released February 12, 2016


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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