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if you rise in the morning any time other than when you naturally open your eyes tell me is that something that you really want to do or something that you do to get to work on time do you eat sleep and pray by your boss' clock? like a hen laying eggs for the man to take away bock! well I'm here to tell all you chickens in a cage that there's a better way you just gotta cut a hole in the back of the gate and then escape bock! a honey bee came to me and said hey man something's wrong with the queen so I asked him "haven't you ever wondered why god gave you that stinger?" bring justice to the hive in the middle of the night when shit is quiet get a couple of guys crawl up real high find the queen hold her down and sting her how can we go on for so long with no control it's a fear based ethos made to keep us in check like a collar on a dog bark! we got papers dogs got tags we got boarders they got back yards and we both eat the shit from the factory farms bark! is there an underground railroad for all of those of us that don't want to stay here tied to the 9 to 5 whipping post? if not then i'll just kill my boss and take the time no matter the the cost if I gotta work for most of the week just to barely afford a place to sleep and a bite to eat then i might as well sit in a cell all day and do it for free so I'll do the world a solid and I'll blow some sick motherfucker to hell pchew! if you think you own the title to your life I think you should open up your eyes and truly see you're really just a puppet putting on a show and someone else has got control of your strings everything you think you own is really just on lease and you'll lose it all unless you keep your payments up for eternity if you don't pay to register your car they'll tow it to the impound yard and if you don't pay the tax on your house that sucker's gonna get foreclosed



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Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more

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