The Jeff Sessions

by Roaming Bear

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These tracks were recorded on super bowl sunday in one afternoon in Ethan's basement, the vox were recorded a week later in Bear's living room. Jeff Leber did all of this for way cheaper than he should have... thanks Jeff <3


released March 29, 2013

Roaming Bear - Guitfiddle and Vox
Ethan Balmes- Percussion
Jeff Leber - recorded everything, mixed, and mastered


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more


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Track Name: Thoughts From My Subconscious
black water in my dreams
it comes but what does it mean
I was falling from the sky when i realized I could fly
so I soared to the coast of Big Sur
but wait! it changed! oh how it changed!
to an industrial jungle
oh no!

we build and destroy everything natural and green
I run and hide with the trees
and pray for their solace from the machines
i'm sorry my friends i see
no means for an end
they've all lost their minds
they've got no sense of the finite
no sense of the finite state of the earth
oh why must we destroy our mother hurts

we take away the homes of all living things
to build taller our cities so we can all live in luxury
oh fellow man lets learn some modesty please
we could live within our means
instead of killing everything everything everything
we kill everything
where is the justice for our fellow beings

black water flows down our streams
and as I drink black water flows through my veins
Track Name: Horses
kiss your daddy goodnight before you ride on your horses
oh i think you missed it breaks my heart when i force it
i'm gonna have the doctor go and clip by my foreskin
because you and your mother you're making me sick

the only water hole around is infested with crocks
it sucks a lot but then again well so does your mom
but we still love her at least when we're on the screen
don't get me started about what's going on behind the scenes

I'm having trouble keeping quiet because inside there's a riot
breaking down all my fences and it's looting through my senses
pushing every red button it's all gaining momentum
rolling quicker getting bigger taking over "thought town"

and it'll all explode if it's not been fixed
too much pressure it's broke the meter it's at the seems
teeth clenched arms bent they're cocked and loaded
sirens blaring this could all go down at any moment
Track Name: Tale of a Gypsy Bandit
my jukebox monkey and puss in boots
will steal your money as i tie together your shoes
so you can not run as we run
not run as we run
not run as we run away

gather round my friends and let us learn you of this gypsy way
we roll around from town to town and play our games until we've worn our stay
we'll show you this and then take that but we'll do it in the most subtle way
we're the children of the sun and moon we'll leave with every wallet in the room
we'll show you magic show you tricks but when we leave check your pockets

we'll win your heart then we'll be gone as fast as a Django Reinhardt lick
and as we shake your hand goodbye we'll shake that watch right off your wrist
we'll have our time with your daughter and if she's fun we might just take her with
we'll give her elderberry wine and show her a time oh yes

the mexican mistress inside my heart can salsa all night long
until the sunrise maybe longer if the music is right
Track Name: Slips Through the Cracks
it's ok to miss the past but you should never look back with a sad face
cause though you may have held it on a pedestal well it'll all come back your way
because good things come in waves and they come to those who wait
so if you feel like you've been waiting a bit too long
close your eyes and sing yourself a happy song

I spent the last three years of my life in a cave
with candle light and this jacket of mine keeping me warm for days
though sometimes the breeze she slips through the cracks and she talks to me

she tells me where she's from where she's going to and where she wants to be
ooh with the clouds and the other winds that blow down by the beach
down by the beach