The Berserk Demo

by Roaming Bear

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I acquired this collection of demos over the course of a year as part of a project i fully intended on re-recording and releasing as a "real" album... but as usual i ran out of time, and my desire to attempt to do anything semi-professionally dwindled. As a result of needing an album to use as an excuse to book a tour and get back on the road, I dug through my demos and found all the ones that had semi-cohesive drum parts recorded and I ran the masters of the left audio outputs of each demo through an analog tape delay machine: the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. Before I could run the right sides through the ancient machine the thing froze up on me, so put it away and instead made a digital "analog" delay effect with a series of plug ins to try to match the feel of tape machine's delay, and I ran the right audio outputs of each song through that digital effect. I matched the Left and Right audio tracks as best as I could and I tried to balance the volume levels, but since I don't know what the fuck i'm doing, and I was probably stoned while doing this, you'll sometimes hear phasing throughout the album, which if you've got an ear for good recording will be annoying, or if you've got an ear for weird noises could possibly turn you on. Either way, listen to it with stereo headphones, because, well, I record my demos in stereo... so they should be listened to that way too i guess. A lot of people keep telling me I should release one of these "real" albums, instead of my usual shitty demo compilations... I don't know if i'll ever get around to it... but at least this demo is on a real label! Thanks Berserk! All music and lyrics written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Roaming Bear... Except for drums on "Suicide" by Kevin Clark, and the bass line for the verse of "Dead Beat" was something i stole from a catchy Mike Argol song. Up the Love!


released February 12, 2016

All instruments and vocals, mixing and "mastering" by Roaming Bear, Except for drums on "Suicide" by Kevin Clark


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more


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Track Name: Frozen Over
hell has frozen over the president got me a job pigs are learning to fly and how to drop their shit on cops the other day I got pulled over officer claimed i didn't stop he started writing on his yellow piece of paper then plop! plop! pig shit dropped that cop! who'd have known that we could get by on our own? i tried but love it kept me coming back to those i know who do as they are told but it gets old kissing the master's ass for nothing but a pat on the back so now all wishes are horses that all the beggars can ride we have a whole month of sundays and all the food is deep fried alarms suggest to roll over when no one's tired no one hates and if i'm late to the job the boss still tells me that i'm great (chorus) if I want to walk down by the riverside I'll walk down by the river side if I want to talk to my friend mike I'm going to talk to my fried mike If I want to climb up a hill to see if I even have the ability well I might if i want to get wet from swimming at night I'll get butt naked in the moonlight and dive right in since hell froze over when we die I bet we won't have to burn in the afterlife
Track Name: Coma Complacency
oh never have I had the faith to tear myself down and start from the ground up I hold on to everything that makes me feel safe I'm stuck in my ways it's too late to change and I'm too tired to try to find a better way so i'll stay the same I'll stay the same until the day I die I’m in a coma of complacency and I feel satisfied getting high eating all the sweet shit i can find do i need a reason to sit in my underwear watching television in the comfort of my armed chair? I think I'll be alright I think I'll be alright at least for tonight really who gives a fuck when you're down on your luck and you can't get with it you learned how to roll and tuck you tried to hit the ground running but you fell when you hit it some learn to get back up and others just lay there waiting patient on the pavement patient on the pavement (chorus) if my liver doesn't take a crap I'll take my new year’s resolution back twist the bottle out from under the cap and we'll throw one back in the hatch and we'll act a fool like we used to do back when we thought we were cool
Track Name: Lazy Sundays
if you can't read about it in the funny strips there probably ain’t much need for it to exist cause when you stay at home you don't put make up on you leave the phone off the hook prolonged and relax like nothing's chasing your back you dump a couple extra bubbles in your bubble bath just like a fat cat on a sunny shelf you're gonna sit there nurturing your mental health because though you know you're wild it's so EASY to please the hand that brings you all your tasty tasty treats without our lazy sundays i doubt that through the rest of the week we'd be able to maintain our human decency oh no sir-ree it couldn't be cause working all of the time'll make a soul turn real mean like a fiend itching for another bag oh the things that they do to get their heads turned right again cause we're just back alley cats that sit around hoping tonight they'll drop us a couple scraps cause all the rats are dangerous they eat the poison from the traps and they bring it to us I don't want to leave the house except maybe to go to church and then the bakery when i was young my parents would take me but now i do it if i got a spare hour to waste but most times i'm too tired lord please efface my sins you wouldn't believe the shit they think they pay me properly to complete throughout the rest of the week so when sunday comes I need a release I pray to god, my boss will see his final day and then maybe the next cat that they drag in will be a decent human being cause we're employees not things we're skin and bones not plastic sheets with charts and graphs you printed oh so neatly to show yourself how to grow your bank account our souls amount to a greater purpose than your worthless corrupt pile of equity so let me break it down for you I think we all sort of need a healthy heaping dose of super simplicity cause all this complex shit has got a hold on me it's throwing me down in the dumps then trying to step on me cause i'm a bug in the bath they’ll send me down the drain after they squish me flat just like a tom cat feral and free oh no you know the cat man just won't let him be they're gonna catch him up and snip off his manly then they'll sell him to a family vaccine'd and flea free
Track Name: Suicide
now who the hell would write a song and call it suicide? probably someone with nothing ever really going on inside someone with moments tied together with no slack in the lines for common sense or someone who's moments seem so far apart they stare at the clock and have to pretend that its arms are spinning around cause every second seems drawn out like their waiting on the verdict of a death sentence with a massive amount of evidence that could only be outweighed by their regrets I was dead before this started so don't tell me that it's not over yet let down your hair and run clear into the wide fucking open cause if you sit around for too long your bones will dry and time will fly oh life will pass you by let down your hair and run clear into the wide fucking open! now who the hell gets off on giving up their hope in life? probably someone who hasn't ate or slept at all since they got high someone fiending for a meaning but they don't know how to turn on the light so they search for it in darkness and boy do they have one hell of a hard time (chorus) out here the coast runs pier to pier the water's warming up! and it's crystal clear you can do what you want and do it as you please as long as its fun and mostly free stay out till dawn if that's what you want you might as well do it while you're still young but you shouldn't go on always losing sleep cause then even the small things seem heavy and I've been there before so take it from me or you can take it from just about anyone you see we all go through phases the struggle is ageless we're searching for happiness and a paycheck is this the come up? or you coming down? I guess it doesn't matter cause you'll come around and when you get there I hope you're still here you can come for supper and we'll crack a beer (chorus)
Track Name: Dear My Heart
dear my heart oh i thank you for beating even when i don't deserve you to dear my brain i'm sorry for the pain oh the pain’s that i make you repress to keep me sane dear my feet i'm sorry for the beating but we've got a long way to go and i want you to know that i owe you oh my god what have i become? oh jesus christ where has the time gone? i thought i was on my way to something but I just stayed in place I never knew my dreams were made of actions I just thought that I'd get there by praying dear my eyes i'm sorry for the lies that i make you try to hide when people look inside you dear my face oh my you've changed and I sure do miss the days when you used to smile dear my hands you look just like my dad's and I know i'm not there yet but someday i'll be a man too (chorus) if i had known when i was young that everything i'd do would follow me my whole life well i'd have done as i was told cause when i think about it I guess my parents were right though I fell falsely under the impression that some day i'd be free'd by confession but when you come clean well folks get mean and they all act like their shit's so holy and by the time i realized that piece of advice i'd doubled my age twice though i guess i'm still alright (chorus)
Track Name: It's Hard to Leave
it's hard to leave when you've got someone that loves you and it's harder to leave when that someone is the one that you love too no one said that this was something you've got to do no one said that no one said except for you picture on the wall oh I've seen you before and I hope you fall down oh I've seen you before and I hope you fall It's hard to leave when you've got something you love to do keeping you around keeping you tied down no one said this was something you've gotta do no one said that no one said except for you (chorus) now your life is but a curse of a heart dispersed with intentions spread so thin it made the devil grin as he watched you fall apart down on the ground laying with your broken heart in your hand he say darling is this where you thought you'd be when you missed the boat cause you didn't want to leave him like that cause he's your bad boy he makes you feel naughty but now you're on your own you ain’t got no body if only you'd have known
Track Name: Talking in Circles
spinning around talking in circles you’re saying the worst things just to hurt me now its why we were born with such round shoulders so things like these could fall right on the ground walk around we’ll walk around it you think your stomping only hurts the ground? the glass in your shoes is sure to shatter soon but now and then our scars are sure to tear as the past seeps through and we stand in our own blood never knowing what to do we’ll stitch them up and start again spin spin point your finger all around but three more say that its your own damn fault crossing lines like they’re going out of style but burn this bridge and don’t think that I’ll stick around we’ll walk around we’ll walk around you this broke down engine can’t be turned around until your pride decides to chill the hell out (chorus) as we swim up hand in hand I’ll take you as far as I can and when it comes time to say goodbye I can only hope to see you in your next life when they switch it all around again
Track Name: Maddy Rose
maddy rose is coming home soon ah-ooh maddy rose may never know how much she's missed when she's away though I wish she did cause she's as good as it gets cause she's a shining kid and she's the only one I love and she’s the only one I love maddy rose we all know your dad can be an ass hole I wish he'd show you his love more I wish he'd show but he don't know he don't know matty rose he don't know maddy rose cause you're as good as it gets cause you're a shining kid and your the only girl I love and you’re the only girl I love don't walk away just come on back I know you know what we had it wasn't all that bad was it love that made you come up or pain that made you stay down for so long don't hide yourself away no no baby don't hide yourself away no no baby no body knows you like you know yourself but they could could get to know you with a little help if you just let them get close enough to really see how the world is so much brighter in your company I think you would be pleased with me I think we could be pleased mutually
Track Name: Boil it Up
in the old days your ego would die from a microdot or two now a days kids are eating up sheets and they don't know what to do no one knows where it's coming from when they're giving it to you so you hope for the best and you pray to god that it'll do what you want it to everything comes from far off places sent through the mail by men without faces and one way or another it makes it to your friends and they give it to you but someone sold it to them if you want to help humanity learn the family recipie then give a couple hits to everyone you meet and watch as the world changes beneath your feet in the old days we'd love ourselves in and then we'd all drop out we'd share with each other our awareness and some of our doubts now a days when kids start a trip they break their glow sticks out and they try to go deaf from a digital ruckus i really don't get what it's all about (chorus) white lightning in the sky its quite frightening but it's alright like your mindset when you ride your bike a flight of confidence and the wind feels fluffy as the onset spikes
Track Name: Daytrippin
I'm gonna wake up in the morning and take a little hit I'm gonna start my day right with a day trip cause i'm a hard ripper yeah I'm a heavy hitter and i'm a day tripper yeah i'm a day tripper I declare today a vacation day I don't even care to get paid I'll get a good night sleep so tomorrow i can leave cause when i wake up i'm gonna pack up my things I'll take a little trip along the highway gonna testify the truth instead of waiting to get saved cause there ain't no book that makes you learn the hard way and what's the point of freedom if it never sees it's day? (chorus) soon i'll find some sober days and i'll miss these times when the time just fades cause these are the boring daze where i'm free to sing my praise oh hallelujah oh! oh mighty mighty! (chorus) (repeat first verse)
Track Name: It's Raining
it's raining and I oh I don't mind cause I'm wasted out of my mind I'll lay my head wherever I wherever I can find a place to lie cause the truth oh boy he ain’t no friend of mine my heart's breaking its cage I've gotta let it go it's gone wild it's undomesticatable I'm over trying to keep it all under control with each mistake I make I learn to let it go I'm gaining mind but I'm losing time and so the story it goes and i know cause i wrote it line for line is he a heathen or a mystic? well i'm not sure it's such a fine line I'd go to heaven but just I don't know if I can leave this hell hole behind me (chorus) it's raining and I oh I don’t mind cause I got the rest of my life to get warm and dry but tonight oh baby tonight the now is mine and no one can take her away from me but good luck trying cause the now is mine
Track Name: Glacial Pace
If you don't care then I don't care cause what's the point of caring if it gets you nowhere? slow it down to a glacial pace creak and crawl with cold bones of ice and stone let out a shake and an avalanche moan a rock slide to carry me home everyone comes here with a death wish but i'm just looking for a friend to share a drink with if you don't scare them they'll let you be she said the night that bear had us shaking at the knees he slowed us down to a glacial pace and stood tall so we held hands till he decided to leave caught in the rain by the kennecott mine I made my way but it took some time I miss the winter and the northern lights I wish that they'd come out tonight I hope she's there at the bar cause I never got the chance to say goodbye and tomorrow i'm bound for the kenai I'm catching the ship to kodiak island the 151 warms the bones at night i keep it in my pack it's strong and light weight got enough smokes to kill a mountain goat I got a notebook fishing hooks and my lucky pole the lower 48 are too packed a place I need the mountains the fresh air and open space I need a place to be wild and free but I bring all my humanly shit with me if I could only leave it behind and walk away if I could make a spot in the woods and just stay if I could make time to finally unwind (chorus)
Track Name: Dead Beat
if I end up crippled in bed go on and shoot me in the head no i won't mind i've enjoyed my time i really have and i've long since thought that god's secret plot can't be that bad so just give me a drink before you let the bullet sink that’s all i ask then you can blast me away to outer space without even feeling bad yeah you can blast me away to outer space cause I know who I am thoughts feed thoughts in my mind they're swimming like a sharks in davey jones’ locker no one's 'fraid of the dark we're just afraid of each other yeah we learned it from our mothers and we taught it to our younger brothers no one falls the same way twice but everyone takes gravity's advice at least once in their life I went to the doctor today he told me i'm getting fat he asked me if I wanted some pills so i don't go'n have a heart attack I said no i don't believe in those he rolled his eyes and that was the end of that I went home and I changed my clothes and put on my running shoes cause I figure I'll do what I can I ran around the block and then I stopped and i walked home and threw my shoes in the garbage can some days I want to change but some days I just want to stay the same way I am (chorus)
Track Name: If Guns Were God
shots fired in the wrong direction if only guns were god maybe their bullets would turn around and the righteous could stand proud as the sinners fell to the ground if guns were god we could turn this country around we'd flood the streets and the crowd control would shoot themselves down gang violence would suddenly be silenced by drive by suicide initiatory dying if guns were god they'd chill on out and stay down till things were really really sorted out if guns were god then hell would need more real estate and the meek would walk the earth just like the bible slingers say i wonder how long things could stay that way are we inherently bad or will we learn some day if guns were god then hate would lay cold in the grave with a blanket of lead to make sure it stayed dead glock fate would take like a ruthless renegade and it would change the way the big game was played if guns were god you could shoot a bullet straight in the air and you could count on the heavens to get it there but guns aren't god and neither are we so don't act like you got the authority
Track Name: Hoop Dreamz
I got my boom box and a mixtape i'm gonna ride my bike to where the boys play i got hoop dreams and some daisy dukes in my high tops i'll school you I got long hair for the fast breaks and downtown is my favorite place all the grown ups say that it's not all fun and games cause when life don't give you lemons you gotta pay for gatorade it goes in one ear and out the other I'd rather not hear it if I had my druthers though it's all the same i don't get displaced I just slip into a boring daze whoop there it is! won the game with a swish it felt as good as or maybe even better than landing a kickflip time is on my side the sun won't set till half past nine and when it does i'm gonna head to the coal yard and tag a train on its side I got some new art stole some cans from the store and this new piece is gonna be the one as long as I don't get caught (chorus) watch out jordan I hear this new boy can fly he bunny hop slam dunk'd oh his bmx bike he's got a stash of fire cracker bottle rockets in a box with all his pocket kives and pictures of his future wives with their clothes off and don’t you get him mad cause i heard from susie he's the toughest boy in the whole class he might just whoop your ass I got my boom box and a mixtape it's got bad words it's fast paced I got smokes from my friend's dad and it feels so good to act bad I got summer break to take it all in unless I run away to keep it rolling
Track Name: Trap House
I got one foot in the grave my head in the clouds one hand's sticky and the other one's itchy from the bugs in my buddy's trap house we all want something to blame we all want an easy out it's hard to remember that things get better when you stop sleeping in a trap house when you stop sleeping in a trap house but where else can you go when every other door's been closed we know it's a shit hole but it still beats being alone just like compound chemicals that find their way up in your nose they'll make the universe unfold if you can keep from screaming at the ghosts the music goes all day the DJ spins like a boss and all the cool kids they dance while the other kids just sit and watch I'm sitting on the roof some drunk girl just fell off I'm just trying to enjoy the stars before I get a visit from the cops (chorus) (repeat first verse)