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by Roaming Bear

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released January 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more


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Track Name: Jughead
attention sons and daughters of the degeneration the militia is high and we're all unplugged tonight we ride with numbers crawling up from underground black to the whites of our eyes with a diabolic dilation ripping off tabs like scabs it's used to free your mind yeah we're all in this together and we're gonna make it better cause today is the beginning of the rest of our lives so don't think twice before your turn on tune in drop out and let your ego die it's been fucking you all your life keeping you from doing what you know is right and without egos we're one mind it's true it's righteous and kind we can't turn this around we can't turn this around we can't turn this around but we could turn this sucker upside down! kids drop out of school don't be fooled by societies nonsensical and fraudulent appraisal of the holier than thou almighty diplomas and degrees the last thing we need is for bourgeois society to procure one more of our brilliant young minds only to put it to work on the juggernaut path to the earth's destruction this year I won't cast no ballot I'm gonna shatter glass cause me and my crew we roll strapped with baseball bats! you wanna see my malitalf fastball? it's bad! they call me Dock Ellis when I strap my gas mask I can pitch I can hit and I can make a dash I'm a triple threat to the capitalist man and you can bet your ass I'm gonna do all I can to bring him to his knees and introduce him to his end cause I'm a R.A.P. star and my goal is to thrash babylon and every system structured by cash (chorus) I never asked for a conscience to be placed inside my mind but as much as I try I can't escape it so I might as well let it spit lines I feel bad for burning gas and wrapping plastic all around my trash fuck I don't even know where it goes but week after week I give it a pull down to the curb and i put my turds in clean water instead of the earth and night after night I turn on lights and I know it's not right cause somewhere else coal burns like hell and why can't we just get water from a well? or springs or rivers or glacial melt? instead it comes from pipes underground cleaned then laced with a chemical and I know that i should live more natural but instead I'm just another human ass hole (chorus)
Track Name: Your Mission
baby it's bear I'm so sorry I'm so sorry I'm so selfish I should have never left I'm so sorry I'm dying they've poisoned me they gave it to everyone and we we thought it was drugs but it's poison I'm dying it was a trap they lured us in here they're going to kill us all and I've got to get out I'm so sick I've got to get out of here I've got to go tell someone some of the others still have time I ran away from them I escaped I'm in the swamp and they're following me I don't know if they're tracking my phone I gotta get rid of it i've got to find my way back to town but I can't take the roads I can't be seen i'm following the stars I gotta go I love you when you get this message tell my mom tell my dad tell everyone they're killing people in florida! what you gonna do when the shit hits the fan? I'd suggest you take a look around the room and see who's got shit on their hands never trust a dumb fuck who's been down on his luck given one last chance by the man cause chances are that sucker is a rat around here we don't feed rats to the cats they just get beaten then tied to a tree dosed with LSD stripped down and doused in honey then we let the bugs and the animals feast that's what happens when you fuck with family have you ever had a million fire ants eating your face while puddle peaking off an entire vile of family fluff? well you're in for a real treat but just wait cause that's nothing compared to when the florida black bears catch your scent one night in the woodsin a drug induced hell will teach you a lesson more than sitting in a cell for eternity playing cards and watching tv sleeping in a bed with a roof over your head oh fuck no way cross me and I'm gonna make you pay bitch! listen brothers and sisters we've got to find a way to pinpoint and keep out all of the brainwashed scum subordinates of hush hush government orders and their sly ideologies indoctrinated with hate cooked up to rape us funded by private banks no way to trace it up through the ranks formulated to conquer and break us up but a rainbow warrior's tough there's men of the brain and men of the heart and the stronger is the latter cause they're never off guard they have not want not and little do they need no time to waste on frivolous thing so anytime you see someone being greedy they're probably not here with you and me cause here we're family but there's still snakes to tempt some naive victim with a frame up so they can label it terrorism and then will come a day when they complete their case and try to shut us down
Track Name: Mystical
this here world is a lot smaller than you think we're all picking up and putting out frequencies maybe you'd feel it if you turned off the tv you know that individuals in crowds behave emergently? especially when they are reacting to each other during an emergency and crossing two crowds is called "scrambling" you think your cell phone just sits there dormantly? waiting for you to make a move just saving energy? it's disseminating RF waves endlessly! you know how many compounds are in the water you drink every day? only deionizers R.O.'s and activated alumina filters will help defluoridate and not just clean for taste crude oil's cash per barrel ratio is at the decade low america has amplified and subcontracted the production of drones I'd hate to be a civilian that lived near a mutinous outpost in 2012 we had had over a two and a half billion dollar presidential race I didn't vote because all the candidates justified putting that money towards printing fliers of their face I wonder how many documents are kept under wraps by the FDA you can generally buy a person's loyalty with a check the size of a salary and in food and dugs what is there to associate? the spiritual road is not on the internet it's not within it or around it or beside itself it's death nothing you can read online will make it happen any less religion is to science as life is to death freedom is to politics as enemies to friends it's a vicious sick cycle we've found ourselves in at the crossroads of oppression and revolution it's like the earth is just a cabaret and mankind is the juggling act but next up is the fire show and it could end horribly bad the people have the numbers but the power's got the guns and a billion men with sticks and stones are no match for uranium how come we fail to see our own god damned dependency on the flora and the fauna and everything awe damnit I just want to die naturally I went to a church to see what the catholics had to say about the earth's seemingly inevitable impending fate but they just asked we put our cash all in a silver plate and they prayed you ever measure the ph when it precipitates? the lowest record of acid rain is 1.87 will the forest bounce back or is it too late? they say that if we kill the bees we'll probably bring on our own death but that's not stopping us from doing shit every major city's going to be a death pit if the the produce trucks stop bringing it in 3.6 degrees is the tipping point scientists foresee if it gets any hotter ice melts to water and we'll all be baked like enchiladas (chorus) gonna get me a gun or maybe a hundred cause if shit hits the fan they'll pillage and plunder and if renegades come for my pack we'll pull two glocks out of our straps! all human beings have three basic needs air to breathe food to eat and clean water so when the H20 stops coming out the sink i hope you know where to find fresh water springs (chorus) have you ever had a flash back to a conversation you had in a fox hole? back in vietnam but then you were like “woah I never went to war that was strange…” do you ever find yourself in a state where you're just laughing alone? happy as a child? well good that's where I want you to go when you realize that you're on your way out when do we radically retaliate? and curb stomp the fuck outta big banks when we gonna band together and demand that things change? in a couple of years when its too late? brothers and sisters this is the end game this is not a rehearsal so everybody take your place we're in this together and together we're gonna take what's ours back from the snakes (chorus
Track Name: White Flag
Yeah everyone knows rome wasn't built in one day but it could have been destroyed if there was organized slaves by a massacre of masters and all involved in slave trade every greedy mans throat split open by a dull blade only women and children and honest men would be safe everything would be chaotic at first but then it'd fall into place like an emperor in his grave they'd send him off to hell without even praying then they'd split up his gold in every which way and head for the hills back to where they came from before they were enslaved and there goes bear ranting radical things why you make up stories of gruesome history? cause man it's more relevant than you'd like to believe quit telling me to be proud of this classist country blanketed by eagles wings and the facade of being free just cause life's convenient don't mean shit you brainwashed wingnut turn off the tv and then maybe you'll truly see what i mean not as told from the news room but from the street go to a homeless feed in washington DC those people are eating worse than lifers in cell block E then go to the president's place and check out what he's shoving in his face Michelle would you please pass the champaign? and Linda what is our main entrée tonight? we're having rotisserie grilled heart of a homeless child sir for the third time this week!? oh come on Linda! I mean it's my favorite dish but lets mix it up a bit hey do we have any more of those mexican immigrant lips in the ice box? They make great caviar dipping chips no? well make sure paul calls the boarder patrol and gets more of those right away they're really good the way you fry them up yes sir ok so maybe I exaggerate things stretch truth and bend the strings of reality I spit playful parables to convey a deeper meaning there's no cannibalistic president I know that's obscene he probably just eats people metaphorically Fe Fi Fo Fum I don't want to smell no home bums get them off the streets round them up into camps make them work a chain until the day they're dead its a fear that that I can't get out of my head cause man has done it before what if he does it again? would we have the knowledge and the power to step in? or would it be hush hush like it was back then? Arbeit Macht Frei! welcome folks I'm so happy to have you here at our work ethic rehabilitation camp we're going to teach you bums how to fall back in love with labor and it's just going to turn your lives around so will all you men please line up over here and we'll assign you your jobs and there's a nice gas chamber i mean dining hall for all your wives and children to wait in I'm sure they're real hungry I know a lot of you have come from far away but even if you don't want to be here just remember work will set you free!
Track Name: Down Come
if you rise in the morning any time other than when you naturally open your eyes tell me is that something that you really want to do or something that you do to get to work on time do you eat sleep and pray by your boss' clock? like a hen laying eggs for the man to take away bock! well I'm here to tell all you chickens in a cage that there's a better way you just gotta cut a hole in the back of the gate and then escape bock! a honey bee came to me and said hey man something's wrong with the queen so I asked him "haven't you ever wondered why god gave you that stinger?" bring justice to the hive in the middle of the night when shit is quiet get a couple of guys crawl up real high find the queen hold her down and sting her how can we go on for so long with no control it's a fear based ethos made to keep us in check like a collar on a dog bark! we got papers dogs got tags we got boarders they got back yards and we both eat the shit from the factory farms bark! is there an underground railroad for all of those of us that don't want to stay here tied to the 9 to 5 whipping post? if not then i'll just kill my boss and take the time no matter the the cost if I gotta work for most of the week just to barely afford a place to sleep and a bite to eat then i might as well sit in a cell all day and do it for free so I'll do the world a solid and I'll blow some sick motherfucker to hell pchew! if you think you own the title to your life I think you should open up your eyes and truly see you're really just a puppet putting on a show and someone else has got control of your strings everything you think you own is really just on lease and you'll lose it all unless you keep your payments up for eternity if you don't pay to register your car they'll tow it to the impound yard and if you don't pay the tax on your house that sucker's gonna get foreclosed
Track Name: Youth Revolution
sit down shut up don't ask questions that are related to anything other than your allotted heap of propaganda mandated by the state textbooks to show you to your place in freedom's food chain and fill your brain with dreams of monetary gain it's power that runs this system we need to devour you think your teacher's here cause he loves what he does? no! he's here for the dollar that sucker is slave to pay and he's teaching you all the same if you want to take back your lives walk out the room all together and start the chain reaction make traction spread the word of radical action cause nothing speaks louder than the voice of young masses YOUTH REVOLUTION! shut up go home clear the streets do as your told unless you want some lachrymatory gas and a stun grenade to explode that's one hundred and seventy decibels and a flash to your photoreceptor cells aka you're temporarily blind and deaf as hell within this system that's how it goes they'll throw the amendments out the door if you refuse to disassemble they'll make up a reason to go ahead and pull in the troops and that's when their colors show true and if martial law comes then we're screwed so I think it's high-time to start the chain reaction make traction spread the word of radical action cause nothing speaks louder than the voice of young masses YOUTH REVOLUTION! go ahead give up go back to the norm get a job put one more car on the road be one more brick in their wall they get stronger by the hour whenever you work they see dollars 20% of your check give or take unless they grant you worthy of a tax break but that's ok they're probably right they probably know better how to run your life cause you can't be trusted like all the rich white guys you'd fuck up and somehow we'd all die so leave it to them they're safe with the power follow the sheep like the rest of the cowards unless you think that maybe it's time to start the chain reaction make traction spread the word of radical action cause nothing speaks louder than the voice of young masses "today is the beginning of a new chapter today we destroy capitalism and democracy and organization and separation and greed and we will WALK the path back towards the garden of eden" YOUTH REVOLUTION!
Track Name: Crippled Lion
so much for optimism when centipedes and cockroaches in-between the walls are tracking black mold and pieces of the ancient rolls of asbestos insulation into my apartment through the cracks in the foundation and the cool breeze cuts every time the widows breathe the cool gust chills even the mice and all their fleas and the bed bug bights got me itching at the knees all day god it sucks being a broke fuck got to be a way out there's got to be a way out of this place my gut is filled with yeast cause all i can afford to eat has got at least 50 processed ingredients invasive candidiasisis poisoning all my vitals like a biochemical plague probably introduced to me through the shitty food i eat it's like a class war cause rich people don't pay for the shit that comes from the bottom shelf oh there's got to be a way out what was once a golden child with a trophy smile is now an adult with jack shit and burnt eyelids and like a crippled lion life is behind him I keep my chakras cleansed with a script of clonazepam so spectral entropy holds no weight with me my insecurities are like cherries on a tree I don't pick them off one at a time i burn it to a smithereen and what i really mean is that i'm self medicating god there's got to be a better way out of my brain (chorus) I guess the reason that I haven't throw myself away is that my crippled body even though it's in poor shape could be a round of ammunition for the revolution that I hope and pray will take the pains of being broke away (chorus)
Track Name: Fairies
I was catching fairies just to rip off their wings and i left the forest humming in a sad key cause their songs they stick like honey they taste sweet but they're destructive like money I was trying to fit together parts and pieces of the puzzle that made up the broken me instead of sowing my seeds i introduced them to the fire and I laid them in the smokey cradle of desire i'm sorry if all you ever got from me was torn up blanket of apologies but what i got from you has gotten me through it's the knowledge of knowing what not to do so thanks for being kind when i left you behind thanks for all the love though be it blind at times and thanks for never taking the fall too hard cause I know at times that that's the hardest part I ran to the city in a desperate flee and I joined up with with the others that were lost but free we started buying just to sell it to each other jack up the prices and we'd sell it to our mothers fuck it don't tell me how it's supposed to be I got a suit got a tie got a boss posi. I crack down like i've never been fluttered I kill the cows when they don't produce butter the weight of being was my only reprieve as I sat and watched the trees turn to ashes in the breeze was this you and me or was it already happening? who'd have known that something so nice could be a bad thing everyone keeps asking me if I'm alright so i put on a smile and i tell them some lies I leave out the fact that i about lost control and the part about how i'm gonna die alone I tell them that i'm on my way to somewhere nice then I tell myself that i'm doing just fine then i second guess whether it's the truth or it's a lie cause when i say it in the mirror I've got evasive eyes (repeat second verse)(chorus)(chorus and third verse simultaneously)
Track Name: War of the Heart
my heart went to war but this story takes place before any of that mad scat filled the gaps in the fabric cast from a need to make believe that the changing of seasons means we need to be cold to each other drop that past place faith in your brother your nomadic habits they will compose the erratic chapters that will unfold the proliferation of the soul ounce for ounce it’s worth more than gold and if you never do as you’re told well I guess that's just how it goes cause the heart of the war is the war of the heart it's never knowing when to stop and always wanting more I was just fighting to get by at the time it didn't matter if I died at the time nothing mattered cause a matter of fact what i was it was not righteous no one knows where we're going they just know where we've gone and very few folks get what we're saying even when they know all the words to our songs I never took the time to divide what I was doing from what was right and what I was doing was a lame example of how a man could live his life and that's not a good reason for an apathetic stance life's a dance and yeah it's dangerous but haven't you heard? well i'm pretty sure that the gods they favor us (no one knows…) so i'ma try hard to say it right there's no reason you should ever stop fighting for what you believe in and if you hit a ceiling well then break on through to the other side cause beyond that there is only stars and beyond that there's even more stars and beyond that well i'm not really sure no one's ever really made it that far (the heart of the war…)(I was just fighting to get by…)
Track Name: C.R.E.E.M!
today it's rare to find a person that's not in it for the cheese cause yeah we all know money makes life easy at least that's what we're told and what we see on TV but if that was actually the case then cash would be free so tape up your dollars go ahead and make a paper chain it's a symbol the slavery that's normalized today but instead of slave masters we just got a federal bank and it was with the working class that the blacks were replaced work eat sleep repeat every dollar bill's got some rich guy's face smirking up at us whenever we get paid it's like some inside joke made to put us in our place and all the dead presidents are probably laughing in their graves so fuck this I'm outie today this shit changes with an abolitionistic approach to slave wages C. R. double E. M! Cash Rules Everyting Except Me! work eat sleep repeat nah not me I'm all about the C.R.E.E.M! C. R. double E. M! Cash Rules Everyting Except Me! like Ghandi Jesus Christ or Diogenes I got no need for it got no need for cream money skrilla cash bills bones paper bands cheddar stacks cabbage or dough there's more words for this shit than there is for love! (chorus) I don't care where I sleep I don't care what I eat I'm just not going back to waged slavery so I'll hit the underground maybe the railroad maybe I'll hitch out east to where some people know me and spend some time in some woods I've never seen cause baby I'm all about the C.R.E.E.M! (chorus)
Track Name: Fresh Prince
now I ain't talking shit about no one or nothing and I don't feel the need to go on huffing and puffing I see the light! nothing but I feel it deep in my gut I cut the suffering short when I couldn't store it no more I put a lot of effort into being a beacon of love and giving off a warm feeling like the heavens above and i'm a man that doesn't plan but if I ever got the call I'd stand tough for the cause cause you shouldn't stick your dick inside unless you can provide her with everything she needs to be happy and healthy cause a real man doesn't walk out on a family a real man sticks to it like a true O.G. so pause and analyze this shit before you send that girl to the church alone to baptize your kid so quit your fronting little punk and let me break it down like a freight train rolling into town don't be anther father walking out their kid's life you gotta be there like a captain keeping the ship tight you gonna let someone else teach them wrong from right? how to tie their shoes? and how to ride a bike? and that shit is frivolous compared to the larger lessons in life like teaching a boy how to treat his future wife and that if you're gonna do something do it right before you make a child here's advice for you to use go build yourself up until you're worthy to reproduce tell me does the world really need another you? and if the answer is no then get to work until it do it's all about expanding your mind before you spread your roots blind already lead the blind there's a whole slew of little punk ass chaps dumb bros and dudes but a woman needs a man to make a child grow true this dying world doesn't stand a chance if we can't teach its boys what it means to be a man and how to look out for someone other than themselves you can't learn it from a book on a shelf you need a strong male figure around someone hip to the wisdom passed down by word of mouth and all young boys need someone to lay the smack down when they're acting a clown (chorus) so come on boy do it right!
Track Name: Open Doors
The straight world is afraid of the gays and the rich world thinks it's earned it's place and frankly I'd rather been born a part of any other race ever since i learned about the natives back in the seventh grade I never felt white privilege I just feel white shame and I know everyone hurts no matter what their race the central nervous system make us all feel pain the same way as each other our differences are just a game and it's fed by the media fooling folks into playing on opposing teams they'd rather have it that way cause if we all stood together they know we couldn't be caged like a lion in the circus on a bad day lunging for the man's throat that lion's gonna make him pay for every cracked whip while he was being trained and that's what you get when you make animals obey when they get the chance they're gonna ruin your day this here world beneath our feet belongs to every one of us and our children equally so quit giving us the back of the bus and the gay world makes fun of the straights cause when there's hate well you know it goes both ways and the television's firing up every race but if all life's matter then who cares about the color of your face but if we don't blame each other then there's no smoke screen for the shit they're trying to pull behind the scenes cause when we're all kept busy with the arguing no one is even going to notice what is really happening like at a protest when the mayor pays to plant a seed an ex navy seal or maybe a marine it's a sly plan to try and keep us quiet giving that motherfucker permission to start a riot so they can bring in the heat and clear us off the streets cause they don't like it when we gather up peacefully and then the news will be like "everyone look! thank god we have the military police!" this here world beneath our feet belongs to every one of us and our children equally so quit giving us the back of the bus DAMN RIGHT WE JUST SAID US!
Track Name: Catching Out on the Fly
young man young man you should know better than to catch out on the fly I've told you at least a thousand times that if you value life wait for the air breaks to slow your ride or else you could die it's hard to be patient when you're an ancient hieroglyph painted on the wall of a tomb not sure if you'll ever see the light of day and if you do will the gods understand? or would they care translate symbols painted by man? I hold an age old truth in my DNA it's an archaic scroll with all the secrets of creation but so far I've only failed it in every way I don't lay my seeds I just throw them away after i selfishly indulge on women like prey cause all the ones that fuck me wouldn't be good mates so I do the pull out and then I let them swallow my load instead of coming down deep in the catacombs (chorus) it's hard to slow down when you're graffiti on a train a beautiful mural that exists on a temporal plane cause soon the working man will white wash you away even though he sees your beauty man has gotta get paid so will I end up on the streets? in a camp? or on a stage? all I know is that I'll never be a slave to pay and if I'm ever a father and they try to take my child away I'll pull my 45 and politely tell them "the kid's gonna stay"cause yeah there's rules and regs. for how a kid should be raised they want to put them in the schools and teach them how to obey but not my baby boy divine he's going to stay i'll keep him by my side instead of raising a slave (chorus) how many fake documents would it take to be free I'd counterfeit the pope if they'd finally let me be to walk the earth like an animal naked if I please I would teach everyone how to hunt and gather greens one day the world will be inherited by the meek but i'm afraid that we'll have strayed too far to stop and think for ourselves we've evolved to be dependent on communities organized by corporations' dirty dirty money I'm a rogue warrior a lone soldier with a plan to cultivate the earth with love and wipe the greed out of man I don't yet know how all I know is the why cause I appreciate the value of all that's alive and I know I should know better than catching out on the fly I know it's dangerous but I've been doing it all my life and no I won't slow down untill the day I die and I'll tell you all my wrongs so you can help me be righteous cause I'm no saint you can see it in my eyes i've made bad decisions but I want to live right but maybe good intentions are a man's demise cause you can think all you want but it's action that provides!