Pocket Jamz!

by Roaming Bear on Vixyl Beatz

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a while back Dylan from Vixyl came over and dumped 19 tracks on my computer that he had made throughout the past few years. 13 of them i rapped on for "Roaming Bear is a R.A.P. Star on Vixyl Beatz" and the other six i played with a bit more, layered with guitar, bass, leads, keys, and melodic vocals... along with a little rapping, and they grew into "The Pocket Jamz" The album was deemed pocket jams because it is being released on a limited run of 75 numbered "Pocket CD-R's" yeah that's right the little cd's you remember from your childhood if you were born before 1989. They were on discount at the thrift store, so the price was right. They come with a sleeve including all the lyrics and links to mine and vixyl's jams.


released January 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Roaming Bear Waukegan, Illinois

roaming bears don't care about much, as long as you let them eat their berries, and salmon... anything that interferes with berries and salmon is a bear's mortal enemy... that includes pipelines, shopping malls, pit mines, industry, and capitalism in general. ... more


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Track Name: Larvae
you gotta start somewhere it rang out in my head but i'd lost my voice so i smiled I guess i'll roll that thought up like a bud and i'll wait cause it'll blossom in a while I like to go where I don't need to talk cause then my thoughts can wiggle round like larvae eating leaves in a larvae style then they'll grow into lady thoughts after a while in the middle of nowhere you can't see your own face cause mirror's don't go where it's wild but i think you'd know it's there even though you can't see it you believe it like the faith of a child and you were born with no hair but as you grow into a kid if your parents are hippies it grows wild and it grows for all your life unless you get real old then you'll probably bald again before you die and as I write these lines l realize that some day I really want to be a bald guy cause even though i like having hair if I didn't have hair it'd probably mean that I lived a long life like the chief of an indian tribe with feathers on his head living on the great spirit's advice oh I hope that when I die that the rest of my tribe will have a dance party late into the night so that when my soul soars up into the sky I can look on down with my soul's eagle eye and see all the people that I know and love have one hell of a time like teens juking in a club when i make it past the moon and tell the stars what i've seen i'll make sure to mention that party scene and how the magic of the music made those hips swing cause it's the same kind of magic that made me hey hey stars stars stars moon earth anyone hello anyone oh boy so this is what its like to die help i'm a ghost I'm a relic of transparency this place is ice cold and I miss my family I used to talk about it back when i was a man but it's nothing like I thought I don't even know what I am it's blacker out here than all the panther parades and I've been searching everywhere for those famous pearly gates or the fiery inferno where the devil plays to no avail no heaven or hell it's like I fell into a well but I haven't hit the bottom yet and I'm afraid I never will oh what I'd give to get wet and least that's something I'd know something that I could feel cause when you're in the abyss you don't even know if you are real you question all you know as you traverse the worm hole but you started somewhere so somewhere you shall go
Track Name: Wiggleroom
outside the punk show posted up casually that's where you'll find me sitting on a dumpster dreaming of a past tense scene painted vividly with you and me looking through my friend's phone I found your number so I called just to let you know you were my favorite lover and I'd do it again but I understand I can't cause now another man's ring is nested on your finger and i've never been one to let things linger but ever since you left i've been quite a heavy drinker and i know that doesn't help my case at winning you back but I just had to let you know from an honest stance this is where I'm at home sick burnt out spinning side walk slams chain smoking cigarettes and missing the band but that's ok it's just leftover crack and i'm not really into them anyways I hope you call back out on the open road when you think back to past lovers they’ll haunt you like ghosts cause all you think and all you know are like two separate salutations one is for your friends and one for your foes now all the sweaty punks are pouring out of the hi-tone bar I heard my friend say so that's where you've been then he said I think it's time we leave Tennessee so I let him drive drunk and I tried to sleep in back seat while listening to conversations from up front they went on and on about the P.C. punks and how they're pissy and preachy and how they're ruining the scene and I kind of agreed cause those self righteous kids were a bunch of weenies I liked them less than pseudo hippies in beanies or wankster skaters sagging skin tight jeans I'd rather kick it with book a worm sitting and reading or marlon brando on my grandpa's tv or a bottle of brandy and some drunk priest we'd talk about how we doubt god but we still believe and how life is ironic when you're just a mortal human being out on the open road when you form a poor opinion it will only close doors if all you think and all you know could be unwrapped like christmas presents you'd get one bb gun and one lump of coal cause what you think and what you know are as different as two neighbors one lives in your brain and one in your soul so give it up, go on let it go why do we carry it all around when we could lighten the load
Track Name: Music and Medicine
Hell to the motherfucking yes all the hula hula hula girls wrapped in shells and shiny pearls on the beach in Hawaii are shake shaking it so fine for the surfer guys but they were born to ride and there's no-oh-oh fucking way you gonna take that surfer boy away from the beach today cause the ocean's damn near filled with waves but baby oh i won't mind slip-a-dipping away to go and find a place where you and I could spend some time and I know from that look in your eyes that I'm not what you think you'd like but baby I think you'd be surprised and you'll never know if you never give it a try and hell for all you know you might just like it going with a nice guy a little bit of bravery goes a long way a little something funny can make you laugh all day and a little bit of faith can ease the pains that grow with age cause we're all just waiting to die so take a bite of the humble pie and let it ride cause we're all just waiting to die and getting closer every day we're alive well it's been a pretty damn nice day I've been owning life it's like I just woke up gay I’ve been singing more than sinatra and feeling cool as james dean dancing around like fred astair and feeling tougher than john wayne and marlin brando combined i'm passing time like fine wine I'll just get better and better until I spill my guts and die wooh! no one is gonna fuck with my high cause not even I can find my kryptonite I'm on fire a little bit of bravery goes a long way a little something funny can make you laugh all day and a little bit of faith can ease the pains that grow with age cause we're all just waiting to die so take a bite of the humble pie and let it ride cause we're all just waiting to die and getting closer every day we're alive fuck yeah fuck yeah oh I've been vibing all day I spent it outside letting nature put me in my place cause I'm a man just one man and when i really think about it i'm not much bigger than an ant cause we inhabit the same old planet and what that really means well i don't think anyone even has the answer but that's alright cause i'm ok with just being a man on a planet that’s filled with ants I don't need to understand it all I need is to find my place and when i say "my place" what i guess i really mean is just a way to pass time with grace
Track Name: The Good Ones
jesus christ and john lennon were both fighting for peace and humanity just in different ways cause one had a taste for LSD and rock and roll but we killed them both I guess that's what you get for preaching love to a dying world I wish I had the courage to assassinate hate I wish I lived life with the devotion of a saint or the conviction to just do what I say but my life is a paradox a satirical play where the lead role is a hypocrite who's intentions are great but his actions are more toxic than chips of lead paint and the drama is so gripping the crowd squirms in their seats hoping for resolution but there's no guarantee so they go to intermission and as they drink their tea they discuss what might happen in the upcoming scenes and they pray that things will turn around one-eighty degrees and that the lead will save the day with an introspective remedy mahatma gandhi and martin luther king were making headway everyday nonviolently but we don't know how to let it roll so of course we had to go on and kill them both I wish I had the courage to live without things to denounce all my possessions and pursue only dreams to step outside the boundaries of societies schemes and to always tell the truth even when it's frightening but i've never met anyone that lives life that way and I don't know where to start and I don't know if I'd be ok and the more I think about it I don't know anything but I pretend that I do and I usually get away with it which leads me to believe that this whole life is just a game and you would win or you could lose it doesn't matter either way cause in the end you'll just be dead and all of you that's left will be how you affected the others and how that'll affect what's next malcom little x and mister harvey milk were hardly short of visionaries so we talk about them still but when you preach of truths that folks aren't ready for that's when you get killed cause our society is ill and I hold my self accountable for how the world is today even though i wasn't here for everything that made it this way I come from people who were I've come a very long way and I've come too far to give up and walk away every flaw in man is present right in my brain and if I can't change myself how can I change anything? I have a world of resources right before my face so I have no excuses and there's no fucking way I can allow myself to check out and keep living this same charade something's gotta give something's gotta give something's gotta giveI think I gotta change!
Track Name: The Triumphant Louse of Love
I've been trying hard to find the rhyme that'll make up for all the lost time cause it's a wild world we’re living in but if it's no better when we die then what's that got to say for what we've done with our lives? I tried you tried we've tried we'll all die together it's inevitable everyone’s creditable no one wants to see it but we're all in this together and we're in for like the ride like lice on a feather love comes love goes some of it's fast and some is slow we all live and we all die and you can't buy back borrowed time so in the long run you're a constellation of your past everywhere you've ever been is another point on your heart's map so stop and take it all in give your self some time to breathe you've just been rolling around like a tumble weed slave to the breeze your roots have withered away and now you have only seeds so lay them down in the ground and have some faith in the changing seasons I tried you tried we've tried we'll all die together it's inevitable everyone is creditable no one wants to see it but we're all in this together and we're in for like the ride like lice on a feather this is a tough life when you're an animal sometimes all you can do is fight to stay alive and when you find love it makes it all the better just as long as you can trust them not to lie cause it's a tough life when you're an animal and sometimes you've got to lie to stay alive and sometimes it's fight or flight and there's those long cold nights that make it hard to believe you'll ever see the day light and sometimes you've got to kill or else you'll die but when you do it stays with you for your whole life sometimes you’ve gotta run and try to hide cause if you're caught you count on mercy to survive this a wild world and we're all animals and there's no price to pay to buy back your lost time and as things tend to go when it all feels right you know that day will come when once again you've got to fight with all your might you've got to fight to stay alive you've gotta fight with all your might cause we're all animals and it's a wild world you gotta fight to saty alive i tried you tried we tried we'll all die together it's inevitable everyone's creditable no one wants to see it but we're all in this together and we're in it for the ride like lice on a feather we're all in this together like lice on a feather you've got to fight to stay alive you've gotta fight with all your might cause we're all animals and it's a wild world you gotta fight to stay alive cause we're all animals and it's a wild world you gotta fight to stay alive!
Track Name: Siblings
roggie bought a home a place to call his own he shares it with his wife and I'm pretty sure they're happy Jake the snake's a dad he's got two wild boys on his hands but I'm pretty sure a dad is all he really ever wanted to be sammy had bad couple a years that kept her up at night with ptsd but now she's doing better and she found a boy she'll probably keep I'm still at home and now I do all the chores on my own I work on music and I keep mom company patrick's on the run he's finally making his money like he always knew that eventually he'd be hannah bannana is at a university and when she finishes school then she'll be the only one of us to have earned a college degree parker's having fun you know he's his father's son he probably won't really slow down till he turns 40 now we're all spread out and it's rare when I get to see my siblings we're like leaves blowing off a tree